The Good Friday Procession

        One of the most unique aspects of Easter in Malta is the Good Friday procession. This solemn and moving event takes place in almost every town and village in Malta, and it is a sight to behold. The procession typically includes a statue of Christ carrying the cross, Between statues, locals can be seen mostly dressed as biblical characters, taking part in the procession.

         In some parts of Malta, these processions will include a number of penitents dressed in white robes and hoods; some bearing crosses, others walking barefoot, some with chains tied to their ankles. These acts are a symbol of penance or in fulfilment of a vow. The procession moves slowly through the streets, stopping at various points to recite prayers.

Statue of the Risen Christ
Statue of the Risen Christ

Easter Sunday

         Easter Sunday in Malta is a joyous and festive occasion, as the Maltese celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The day typically begins with a church service, where the faithful gather to offer prayers and thanks for the miracle of Easter. In the towns of Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua, a main tradition is a group of men run uphill with the statue of the Risen Christ.

         After the service, families and friends gather together for a special Easter lunch, Which Grands Suites’ will be hosting at the Eleven Eleven rooftop! find out more here.

Figolli : Maltese Easter Treats

         The Maltese have a rich culinary tradition, which includes many dishes that are typically served during the Easter season, Such as roast lamb. Another popular treat is Figolli, a sweet pastry filled with almond paste and shaped like various Easter symbols, such as rabbits and lambs.

         While Easter is primarily a religious holiday in Malta, there are still opportunities to enjoy some festivities and parties during this time. For example after the religious services and family lunches, most people celebrate with parties and gatherings during the evening at restaurants, bars and clubbing venues such as aria club in San Gwann (8 minutes away from Grands suites Hotel) or Several clubs in Paceville, st Julians (10 minutes away from Grand Suites Hotel).

           Join us for a hassle-free stay, with only 8 minutes away from the festivities, we are committed to impress you, your friends and your family this Easter, click here for our Easter offer.


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